In the studio with Jessica Eplin • South Florida Portrait Photographer

When I first started dabbling in headshot photography, I started shooting fellow photographers. I even earned myself the nickname "The Photographer's Photographer."  I have to say that shooting someone who knows your struggles and gets everything that goes on behind the scenes is both fun and nerve-wracking. Shooting my girl Jessica here, was definitely something I was excited and slightly scared about. 

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In the field with Ruben Bravo • South Florida Fitness Photographer

Teaming up with Ruben Bravo is one of my favorite things. This time we got together to create some imagary for some of his new sponsors: Sweet Sweat, Garage Fit, and Power Dot. I decided to take Ruben to a local field and bust out the trusty strobes for a different look. It was fitting that one of his sponsors referenced sweat because HOLY JEEBUS it was hot out this morning. It was over 80 degrees at 6:30 in the morning! No baby oil needed for this shoot, that's for sure. 

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Hangin' by the pool with Nick VanLaanen • South Florida Fitness Photographer

I think the greatest compliment a photographer can get is when their client refers you to their friends and family.  If you are know me, you are probably familiar with my trainer/friend Ruben Bravo. He's the tattooed hunk of man meat that triggered my now out of control addiction to fitness photography. There's just something awesome about being able to showcase the dedication and hard work someone puts into themselves. 

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Yohanna of Exquis Glam Cosmetics • South Florida Headshot Photographer

I recently had the pleasure of shooting the gorgeous babe that is Yohanna Leon. Not only is she a fellow awesomesauce photographer, but she is also the head of a new makeup line that just launched, Exquis Glam Cosmetics. If you haven't checked out her line, you definitely need to head over there fast. 

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Seth Kauffman, Yoga God • South Florida Fitness Photographer

Ah, Seth. There’s not much I need to say about this awesome dude. After our first session went so well, he approached me about shooting some yoga images that will be used in an upcoming magazine, and I couldn’t say no. I mean, who doesn’t want to have their images published?!

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Deborah Delany • South Florida Fitness Photographer

On my journey down the road that is fitness photography, I have met some amazing people who have such inspiring stories. One of these awesome people is Deborah Delany.  Deborah reached out to me all the way from Massachusetts one day about shooting some fitness portraits to showcase her crazy hard work and celebrate her competing in the WBFF Fitness Competition.

I love getting to know my clients on a personal level, and I asked Deborah if she would share her story with me. As someone who struggles with her own weight issues and insecurities, it definitely resonated with me. Here’s what she had to say.

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Leah Ploumis • South Florida Fitness Photographer

I recently had this awesome lady in the studio for a fitness session to celebrate her hard work. Leah has undergone an incredible transformation. 

For this session, we decided to combine some of Leah's on-stage looks to showcase her participation in the 2016 Fitness Universe competition, as well as get some action shots to use for marketing her business "My Beach Body Rocks - Personal Training.

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That time my photograph was in a magazine.

Having you work published is something, I feel, every photographer dreams of. Well, for this little South Florida photographer, that dream finally came true. The best part about it was…I had no idea it even happened!

Let me set the scene for you on how this bomb was dropped on me. I was driving home one day, and at an extremely long red light I decided to check my phone. I clicked on FB and came across a post from my awesome friend Seth Kaufmann, whom I did a session with back in January.

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Body by Bravo • South Florida Fitness Photographer

I love Instagram. Yep, sure do. It has connected me with so many awesome people over the past year. One of my favorite connections is definitely Ruben. Ruben reached out to me back in January looking to create some unique images for his personal brand, Body By Bravo. He put a lot of effort into his physique so I had to make sure to do it justice. 

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Seth Kaufmann of Iron Lion Fitness • South Florida Fitness Photographer

Have you ever met someone for the first time but go, "Man, you look familiar. Have we met somewhere before?" Well, in the case of Seth and I, we definitely met before. Seth reached out to me after stumbling across my Model Mayhem profile. He had just wrapped up filming for a show that will be premiering on the A&E Network towards the end of the month. "I'm in peak physical condition and would love to have some portraits done."  How could I say no to that?

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Car Photography. My new favorite thing.

I’ve spent pretty much the entire year shooting headshots for some pretty rad people. Then I realized that headshots were ALL that I was shooting. I had completely forgotten to carve time out for myself and shoot something just for me. I had to change that and plan something to get my creative juices flowing again.  I planned a shoot that turned out to be one of the most challenging things i’ve ever done. 

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Chubby and Badass! • A portrait session with Laurel

When Laurel and I started planning her portrait session, I knew it was going to be awesome. 

I had no idea that it was going to be epic. 

With every session I try to learn something new, but what I learned that night had nothing to do with photography.

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Studio Portrait Session · Taylor Ashley

So there's this girl.  Well, I guess I can't really call her a girl anymore since she's basically all grown up.  Anyways, I've been watching her grow from a goofy little baby to an extremely gorgeous young woman.  My amazing cousin, Taylor, blew me away at her most recent portrait session.  It's hard to believe that almost 18 years have gone by since she came into the world and I am suddenly feeling very old.  

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