Deborah Delany • South Florida Fitness Photographer

On my journey down the road that is fitness photography, I have met some amazing people who have such inspiring stories. One of these awesome people is Deborah Delany.  Deborah reached out to me all the way from Massachusetts one day about shooting some fitness portraits to showcase her crazy hard work and celebrate her competing in the WBFF Fitness Competition.

I love getting to know my clients on a personal level, and I asked Deborah if she would share her story with me. As someone who struggles with her own weight issues and insecurities, it definitely resonated with me. Here’s what she had to say.

“I was very overweight in grade school through High School, tipping 172 pounds.

My friends would take aerobic classes at the gym and I dreaded the thought of it.

I had poor eating habits and I was always trying to go on a “diet”. I went to weight loss clinics and attended diet camp. I would lose weight but always put it back on.

Starting in college I decided to join a local gym and began to enjoy lifting weights as well as the social aspect of it. Although I did not know proper nutrition and exercise, I started to see results because I was actually moving! Instead of the getting the freshman 15, I started to lose weight and began to gain confidence in myself.

When I met my husband, I started to learn proper nutrition. He was an athlete and knew a ton about training and nutrition. He made me realize that it is a lifestyle, not a “diet” or “short term plan”. I began working with trainers who taught me a lot about proper form, technique and gave me sound programs that really started to change my physique. Together we are passionate about being healthy and keeping fit. Now I am the one teaching him a thing or two!

Ironically, my first WBFF Fitness Competition was on the very same campus that I went to diet camp for a summer many years ago. The day of my competition, I walked around the campus remembering what I was like back then… overweight, ashamed of myself and feeling like the fat girl. I hated being in a bathing suit and was always trying to cover myself up in oversized clothes.

It blew my mind knowing that that was 28 years ago, and in hours I was going to step on stage in a bikini in front of hundreds of people! I can’t lie, I was nervous and unsure but, it made me realize how I have progressed both, physically and mentally. It was a pretty life changing moment!”

I decided to keep it simple for Deb’s session. I wanted to focus on HER and not some crazy lighting setup. I brought her into the studio and kept it simple with one light. I think the results clearly show that this woman has definitely worked hard to achieve her goals. 

Model • Deborah Delany

Location / Lighting Assistance • Pixture Perfect Studio


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