Hangin' by the pool with Nick VanLaanen • South Florida Fitness Photographer

I think the greatest compliment a photographer can get is when their client refers you to their friends and family.  If you are know me, you are probably familiar with my trainer/friend Ruben Bravo. He's the tattooed hunk of man meat that triggered my now out of control addiction to fitness photography. There's just something awesome about being able to showcase the dedication and hard work someone puts into themselves. 

Nick is a client of Ruben's and he reached out wanting to showcase his sculpted physique.  When he told me he wanted to shoot poolside, I called up my good friend and fellow photographer Amy Vu of Snap Fotography & Cinema who just so happens to have a pretty nice backyard. Nick also loved it, so I booked it and we got to work. It took a few tries to get the shoot going as the weather didn't want to play nice thanks to Hurricane Irma. Also a HUGE drawback to shooting outdoors in South Florida is you never know what Mother Nature is going to throw at you. 

Luckily, she showed us mercy and gave us one hell of a morning for Nick's shoot. 


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