In the field with Ruben Bravo • South Florida Fitness Photographer

Teaming up with Ruben Bravo is one of my favorite things. This time we got together to create some imagary for some of his new sponsors: Sweet Sweat, Garage Fit, and Power Dot. I decided to take Ruben to a local field and bust out the trusty strobes for a different look. It was fitting that one of his sponsors referenced sweat because HOLY JEEBUS it was hot out this morning. It was over 80 degrees at 6:30 in the morning! No baby oil needed for this shoot, that's for sure. 

What made this shoot even more fun is that I was able to test out the christmas gift I got from my awesome boyfriend, which is a video camera setup that attaches to my camera. It allows me to get a first-person-shooter style take on the session (Thanks for the inspiration Clay Cook!).  I hope to use this a lot more for my sessions and add to my new videos tab.