In the studio with Jessica Eplin • South Florida Portrait Photographer

When I first started dabbling in headshot photography, I started shooting fellow photographers. I even earned myself the nickname "The Photographer's Photographer."  I have to say that shooting someone who knows your struggles and gets everything that goes on behind the scenes is both fun and nerve-wracking. Shooting my girl Jessica here, was definitely something I was excited and slightly scared about. 

You see, Jessica Eplin is an established and award winning photographer. (Click here to check out her work.)  She knows her shit basically. When I get someone in front of my lens like that..ohh boy. Thankfully, she was a breeze to work with. She wants to do some edgy photos with dramatic lighting.  On top of the moody lighting, I was able to talk her into a new style I have adopted of using direct flash. Needless to say I think both styles worked out perfectly and Jessica has some awesome new images for her brand.