Seth Kaufmann of Iron Lion Fitness • South Florida Fitness Photographer

Have you ever met someone for the first time but go, "Man, you look familiar. Have we met somewhere before?" Well, in the case of Seth and I, it's actually true. It was about 2 year ago at my cousin Taylor's sweet 16. I didn't recognize him because of his new epic beard.

Seriously. Check it out. It's crazy. 

Seth reached out to me after stumbling across my Model Mayhem profile. He had just wrapped up filming for a show that will be premiering on the A&E Network towards the end of the month. "I'm in peak physical condition and would love to have some studio fitness portraits done."  

Hmm. Fitness instructor in his prime doing yoga (shirtless), or Netflix? It was a tough decision.  

Seth is the owner of Iron Lion Fitness, located in Wellington, FL. They have awesome group classes as well as one-on-one personal training. I had the pleasure of being put through the ringer with some personal training with Seth. He means business and i'm eager to become a regular at his yoga classes. 

Here is a taste of the pure awesomeness we created together. Also, be sure to check out his show "Fat to Fit" on A&E!


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