Studio Lighting. My New Favorite Thing!

You know that feeling where you think you hate something and are afraid of it, and then later find out it's pretty much one of the most amazing things ever?!  Yeah.  That's how I felt about studio lighting.  It's like I have been living under a rock and have now seen the light!  (...pun intended?) A couple of months ago, I joined a Facebook group for local portrait photographers.  In this group were two guys (Scott and Jeff), who run Perfect Exposure Studio in Boca Raton, FL with his friend Jeff.  It turns out Scott & Jeff have a local Meetup group.  They give photographers the chance to shoot some of the best talent in South Florida and learn studio lighting at the same time.  Getting great images for your portfolio is almost too easy.  They do multiple lighting setups and looks, which is awesome because who wants to take photos of the same setup all night?  Not me, that's for sure.

I have officially become addicted!  My friends now joke about me having a bed in the back room because I am always at the studio.  As if being able to shoot gorgeous models wasn't enough, I now have a fully functional studio setup to offer to my clients.  If you are a photographer in South Florida, then you definitely need to join their group.  It's amazing and you will be hooked!  I've only been hanging with these guys for about a month or so, and I've already been able to learn so much which has allowed me to add studio sessions alongside my on location ones.

Who has two thumbs and is super excited about the opportunities this will bring me?  THIS CHICK!



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