That time my photograph was in a magazine.

Having you work published is something, I feel, every photographer dreams of. Well, for this little South Florida photographer, that dream finally came true. The best part about it was…I had no idea it even happened!

Let me set the scene for you on how this bomb was dropped on me. I was driving home one day, and at an extremely long red light I decided to check my phone. I clicked on FB and came across a post from my awesome friend Seth Kaufmann, whom I did a session with back in January. The post had one of the photos I took (which wasn’t abnormal since he shared the photos often), but this one was different. It was a cell phone shot of the photo and caption read, “Thank you Palm Beach Illustrated for profiling me in the July/August issue”. His profile was done with a full bleed photograph from our session.

This is the part where I literally flipped out, and did three things simultaneously. I screamed like a 12-year-old at a Bieber concert, shot Seth a text a message asking where I could pick up that magazine locally, and busted a “Fast & the Furious” & style U-turn to the nearest store. No old ladies were seriously injured in this quest, but one might have been a little shaken. Sorry bout that…

All I have left to say that seeing your name and work printed in a magazine is a feeling like no other, and I hope I get to experience it again! 

Ps: If you didn’t catch Seth’s amazeballs session, feel free to click here and check it out


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