Hey there! I’m Michele and I am a freelance photographer based in South Florida.

I am known as a headshot & portrait photographer, which is my specialty, but I do not like to limit myself to shooting ONLY that.

I love shooting multiple genres such as editorial, commercial products, even a car if i'm feeling frisky. Being stuck in one box is boring and so not my thing.

If you are looking for a photographer who shoots familes/weddings/babies/maternity, I have a fantastic list for you. Just let me know.

I may be all fun and games on the outside, but on the inside…nope, still all fun and games. I try not to take myself too seriously. Don’t get me wrong, I work hard for my clients, but how serious can you be when you’re shaking your ass to some hot beats while I switch my lens?

Life is too short to not have a good time.

When I’m not shooting faces, you will find me frying my brain by playing too many video games, re-watching The Office or Game of Thrones for the 37th time, elbow-deep into my latest creative obsession, or just working too many hours at my day job.

If we are going to be friends, there are a few things you should probably know about me:

  • I’m super awkward on phone calls, so don’t hold it against me. #introvert

  • I hate blue cheese. It’s the absolute worst. Team ranch all the way!

  • If you feed me coffee and tell me i’m pretty, my retouching skills improve.

  • I DO think that Ross and Rachel were on a break. Fight me.

  • I am so not a morning person.

  • Michael Scott is my spirit animal.

  • I play World of Warcraft.

  • I judge people who eat sushi purchased at gas stations.