Julie Lopez of Iron Babe Fitness ・ South Florida Fitness Photographer

Whoever came up with the saying “big things come in small packages” definitely had to be referring to this badass little firecracker. I met Julie through a mutual friend. We decided to meet up in Downtown Ft. Lauderdale one gorgeous morning to bang out some fitness portraits. It takes a lot to get me up before sunrise, and this was definitely worth it. Julie showed up with full confidence and ready to work.

While we were shooting, I got a random phone call from my big brother. He runs the Sunrise Tint World. If you know my brother Mike, you know about is gorgeous car. Julie was definitely familiar with the black mustang and make a joke about how it would be awesome to take some shots with it. My clients get what they want, and within 10minutes, “Vader” was purring down the road towards us.

This shoot was supposed to be quick, but ended up being two hours long. When you have a subject as gorgeous as Julie, you just can’t stop shooting! Be sure to follow Julie’s instagram to follow her awesome fitness journey.


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